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First years (1910 - 1950)


The original Binger football association "Hassia" was formed on May 20, 1925 through the merger of Binger FV, founded in September 1910, with the suburban club Hassia Kempten, which was later re-established. Already in the year after the merger to FVgg. Hassia, the Bingers first appeared in the first-class district league, from which they left after the season 1929/30 descending. In 1940 they unsuccessfully took part in the promotion round to Gauliga Southwest part. In the short season 1946  and until the club was dissolved again in the 1946/47 season, which ended after seven match days, Hassia Bingen played in the newly founded Oberliga Saarpfalz. In November 1946, the club was re-established as a merger of all clubs from Bingen and Bingen-Büdesheim under the name SV Bingen. Since 1949 our association has been called "Binger FVgg. Hassia".

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Years after the re-establishment and heyday (1950 - 1990)

In 1952/53 the Bingers were only after the first day of play as the previous year's third place in the 2nd division for the   who was excluded from the OberligaVfR Frankenthal nachnominiert, were not prepared for the surprising rise at the green table and were relegated again without a win with three draws and 27 defeats. From 1956 to 1959 Hassia Bingen only played third-class, after the founding of the Bundesliga and the associated reorganization of the league from 1968 to 1974 even only fourth-class.

Hassia's heyday was in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1977, Binger only missed out on the promotion round to the 2nd Bundesliga in the decider for the championship in the Amateurliga Südwest. After founding the Amateur Oberliga Südwest the Binger took part in the highest amateur class without interruption until 1991, in 1984 they reached fourth place.


Between Verbandsliga and Oberliga (1990–present)


Three years after relegation, Hassia returned to the new Oberliga Südwest in 1994. 2001  the Bingers were relegated to the Verbandsliga, after two years they were promoted again. 2006  the relegation to the league took place. In the 2006/07 season, the Verbandsliga Südwest finished 8th and in the following 2007/08 season finished 11th in the table.

In the 2008/09 season, the kickers from Rhein-Nahe-Eck managed to get promoted again to die Oberliga Southwest. With a 3:1 win against den Ludwigshafen SC  on the penultimate matchday, the Verbandsliga championship was perfect. In the following season 2009/10  Hassia, however, as bottom of the table in the Oberliga, was relegated straight away to the Verbandsliga. Holger Wolf released after the season Hubert Neu  as trainer; Wolf was followed by Ekrem Soy and then Nelson Rodrigues.

For the 2012/13 season, the club managed to win the professional football player AíltonSigning   for the soccer team that scored 13 goals. Nevertheless, the club rose as table penultimate der Association League Southwest  into the Landesliga Südwest. In 2015 they managed to return to the Verbandsliga and in the 2017/18 season, as runners-up in the Verbandsliga, they even managed to make the leap back to the Oberliga via the promotion round of those second in the table. The Season 2018/19  finished the Hassia as eleventh in the table. After a turbulent 2021/22 season, in the meantime even a deregistration the 1st team had stood in the room, the transition to the association league had to be started again.  

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